RSG Sales is a highly professional internet account management service that has consistently helped us achieve double-digit increases year over year. Their diplomatic and results-oriented style develops lasting relationships and delivers optimal profit for our company. It is our belief that, due to their knowledge and expertise, we are seeing greater performance than we could have anticipated without their support.
Laila B. 

RSG Sales has been instrumental in our growth as a company. They have taken the high-growth e-commerce platform – and demystified it for us. Giving us the opportunity to leverage the relationships they have with customers – coupled with our products – and their operational know-how – to create incredible synergies for a positive ROI for all. 
Todd S. 


RSG Sales has played a big part of our growth over the past three years. They go beyond the normal rep relationship. They have a great ability to understand my companies strengths and weaknesses and how to strategically integrate our products with our key accounts. Their process is very detailed and they take a lot of time to understand the inner workings of the customer. With this knowledge they execute a plan with our accounts that maximizes our exposure, promotional support and ensure we never miss out on any opportunities. I view RSG Sales as a partner, not a rep. 

Heather S. 

I had the pleasure of working with RSG Sales and their represented suppliers/manufacturers from the beginning of my career with Wayfair’s F&D category management business. I worked closely with Josh Roberts closely and successfully for over my three years at a large e-commerce furniture retailer, jointly growing the brands he represented and working together to identify key opportunities to grow sales. Mr. Roberts, specifically, was extremely diligent and thorough in every meeting and project they led and worked on. Mr. Roberts brought an extremely positive energy to the table during each meeting and on each phone call. On one occasion when a technical glitch occurred on site, rendering a high percentage of the products he oversaw un-purchasable, Josh flagged the issue immediately and made sure it was addressed in the most professional manner. His eye for detail, continued drive to grow partnerships, and expert knowledge of the furniture/manufacturing business make him a joy to work with. He has great relationships with both vendors and suppliers, and been a tremendous value-add to the both sides of the relationships he manages.
Emily L. 

It was a pleasure working with RSG Sales as the reps for my account. They provided a great partnership to us, were quick to respond, and presented innovative ideas for how to grow the business. I would definitely work with them again in the future if the opportunity arises
Zack C. 

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