"Independent " "Full Commission " or "1099" Sales Reps are vastly different from the traditional W2 employee model. Companies of all sizes use this model to reduce overhead and to hire industry specific sales professionals.  Many organizations lack the time or experience needed to hire, train and develop the right sales reps to meet their specific needs.

We have the expertise and focus, to hire, train, and develop the right reps to be perfectly aligned with the needs of your business.  We have exclusive agreements with the most credible and effective sales rep data bases in the world.  Our process delivers high quality service with fast execution. We will have your new team hired and selling your products within weeks.  

Our services have been proven over time to work for all companies regardless of the industry. Segments we have worked in include: Consumer Goods, Apparel, Medical, Industrial, Engineering services, Merchant Services, Power, Construction, Plumbing and SEO.

What does it take to build the best Independent rep team?

  • The ability to find and hire reps with complimentary lines that give you access to the decision makers
  • The time to provide skill development, management and effective sales tools
  • Key account management training
  • An experienced team of executive managers that produce results

We will have your reps hired and selling your products within weeks.


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