Is Your Company 1099 Rep Ready?

As we exit 2018, now is a good time to think about how you can maximize your business with your “1099” Sales Reps.   

An effective sales team will give you access to the decision makers and reduce your learning curve of doing business with a given customer.


Best Practices in 1099 Sales Force Management 

The Right Fit

  1. Your company’s products must fit within the rep’s line package. 

  2. A good fit creates a natural selling process.

Rep-Ready Infrastructure:

  1. Sales tools- brochures, pricing, samples

  2. Product training

  3. In-field support plan

  4. Commissions in line with industry average

  5. Customer service


  1. Set realistic targets and timelines for customers appointments and orders.


  1. Plan out your monthly update meetings with each Sales Rep.

  2. Set the agenda and requirements for these meetings.


The other day I was on a call with a client she said her reps are her company’s most important asset.  She views them as the customer since they are the direct link to the buyer.  As a result, she has very low Sales Rep turnover and her business continues to grow.  With the right plan and management approach, every company can have great success using independent Sales Reps.