Tayse Rugs

About:  Tayse Rugs is a vertically integrated area rug supplier with manufacturing in Turkey and distribution throughout North America.

Situation:  RSG Sales started working with Tayse in 2012.  At that time, Tayse had a small assortment of products, limited distribution and under-developed sales volume within the eCommerce Channel.

Action Plan:  Tayse’s management team and the RSG team outlined Tayse’s growth ambitions and the role in which the eCommerce segment needed to play in order for the plan to be realized.  The RSG team simplified the process and broke it down into manageable steps using the 4P’s planning approach.

  • Placement: We identified the key accounts where Tayse’s products would have the best alignment based on their product’s pricing and design style. We specifically targeted Wayfair, Kohl’s and

  • Product: We implemented an inventory management plan to maintain strong inventory levels on our best sellers to maximize sales and increase cash flow. This enabled Tayse to invest in more inventory and introduce more impactful new products to expand its market share.

  • Pricing & Promotion: RSG leveraged its relationship with each account to acquire the pricing sweet spots and the best promotional tactics for the category and we aligned our strategy accordingly. In doing this, we became much more meaningful to the buyers and we continue to be a priority brand for their business.

  • As a result, Tayse has grown its eCommerce business from the $100,000’s to several million dollars annually with a massive long-term growth trajectory.


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About:  Transcontinental is a global leader in selling outdoor furniture.

Situation:  RSG Sales started working with Transcontinental in 2013.  As a leader in the UK within the outdoor home décor space, Transcontinental saw a huge opportunity to develop its business in North America.

Action Plan:  The RSG team worked with Transcontinental to develop a 3pl warehouse partnership to provide warehousing and logistics services along with a strategy to develop the business by selling to the top eCommerce accounts to include Wayfair, Overstock, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Hayneedle and Home depot.

Results:  Transcontinental is now recognized as one of the top performing indoor-outdoor suppliers within the eCommerce space with multiple big eCommerce retailers.  Through 2017, annual sales eclipsed $3 Million and growing.

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United Sports Brand

About:  United Sports Brand sells sports gear through a multi-channeled network for several companies such as: Shock Doctor, McDavid, Cutters, NATHAN, and XO Athletic.  They sell “sports performance products that help athletes perform at their personal best.”

Situation: United Sports Brand sought out RSG Sales because their products were not getting as much traction and reviews as they desired and wanted to grow their sales.  

Action Plan: RSG Sales’ Product Optimization team took a targeted approach in re-constructing United Sports Brand’s descriptions, product titles, and bullet points.  Our team loaded the new copy and content with key words and maintained the United Sports Brand’s branding message so to stay true to their mission.  

Results:  Since the copy and content for Unites Sports Brand’s products have been optimized, they have seen significant sales growth. 

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About: Luxottica is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing fashion, luxury, and sports eyewear.  Their portfolio included brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakely, Vogue Eyewear, Persol, Oliver People, and many more.  

Situation: Luxottica wanted their products to get more attention and ultimately grow their sales.  

Action Plan: RSG Sales’ Product Optimization team incorporated Luxottica’s brand information and integrated their history while creating new copy and content for their products.  

Results:  After the copy and content were updated and optimized, Luxottica’s products saw an increased sales growth.  

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